Finally got married to Vamsy Krishna ! Being activists, agnostic atheists and nonbelievers of irrational cultural and traditional beliefs, we decided to register our marriage under special marriage act, 1954. Special marriage is a legal commitment that is not based on any religion.“What is special marriage?”, “Special chai – special marriage”, “You are crazy!”, “what is happening?” We heard such questions and jokes from people initially. We got registered our marriage on 9 Dec. After marriage registration, me and Vamsy designed a small event where there were elements like dressing up, tieing Mangalsutra, wearing toerings without rules/rituals/priest just to get enjoyment that anyone/any family gets through ceremonies. We also planned for receptions,  one at Kakinada (Vamsy’s hometown) and one at Hyderabad (my hometown). Everything happened in absence of my parents since they are not happy with my choices. I really missed them! However, my grand father, uncle, friends, parents and family of Vamsy have supported us and helped us in many ways to make our dream of special marriage possible. Thank you all for being very open minded!It seems like impossible became possible! Still can’t believe that we are being loved by so many people unconditionally even though we have gone against conventional beliefs, system and structure!

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