“I don’t have any passion”
“I don’t know how to chose my career”
Many people face problem in choosing career. They remain confused.
It is not possible that there is no passion. Generally we will have so many interests. We cannot pick one among them. That’s what makes us think that we don’t have any passion.
There is a very easy way to figure out!
We have many interests, we talk about them. We think about them. While talking and thinking, it is possible that we give equal priority to all. But at action level, there will be a difference.
We implement thoughts related to our passion. We perform actions. Our actions are the indicators of our passion!
Example: Imagine, I like Music, Science and Psychology. I generally talk about all three of them. I keep thinking about all three of them. But when it comes to actions, I sing only once in a month. I read Science magazines once in a week. I carryout intellectual discussions every minute. That means, psychology is my passion.
It’s all about choosing one interest among many interests, that has highest priority. That particular one interest, which is more important than other interests is PASSION!

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