Going to counselling is important when we have unresolved issues. Even counselling fails when we choose not to change ourselves. Happyness is a choice, that has to be chosen.
Sometimes we might wonder, why we are not able to work on ourself. That is because, our mind drags us away from stress. It diverts and gives us temporary happyness. So after sometime, effect of diversion will be over and we will experience distress again. That is why it is necessary to stay on track to attain insight, that in turn gives happyness.
Best way to stay on track is to spend some time with ourselves on regular basis. We can become friends with anyone by by spending time with them. In the same way, we have to spend time with ourself to make friendship with self. There should be a regularity and punctuality. In that time, we can do anything that can actually help us to explore ourself. We can write our thoughts, express ourselves through arts like painting, talk about self in intellectual way, etc…

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