Job title and nature of job are two different things. Many students are just getting attracted to title of the job and selecting a course which is not suitable. That is the main reason behind imperfection, dissatisfaction and distress that are present in the society. Profession should be like a hobby. The nature of job should match with favorite work. A person who likes to grow plants should study agriculture, but not engineering.
Eg1: Doctor is a job title and everyone respects doctor. Generally we assume that doctor is GOD. We see doctor as a sensitive friendly life saver.
Nature of job is different. Doctor job is most difficult job. A student has to study for almost 8 – 10 years to become doctor. Then he has to work under supervision. Generally doctors have to control their emotions and treat patient as a body. They are stable, controlled and rigid personalities. Generally, most of the doctors can cure half of the diseases and they cannot cure remaining half. Even among curable cases, success rate varies.
Eg2: Scientist is innovative genius. He is a inventor. He always works in his laboratory and discovers new things
Nature of scientist job is entirely different. Many students perform research by enrolling into doctorate degree. They work for long time. They read various research papers and update themselves. They struggle to publish papers. They are supervised in initial stages. They continue supervisors research and carry it forward. Many students obtain ideas from already published work.

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