Standards & Judgements – What are they and what do they do?

In the session, Sriram (imaginary character) said, "I don't judge people. I just have standards for myself. I don't like to be a mediocre. I don't like failure !. But that doesn't mean, I judge others who fail. I don't say anything when a friend of mine fails." Therapists hear these lines from many clients … Continue reading Standards & Judgements – What are they and what do they do?

Progressive Matrix of Problems

Have you ever observed? Once after a person gets one problem, why problems increase in a person's life like a progression? Because we humans, have a tendency of creating new problems by thinking that we are solving problems. How to distinguish between new problem and actual direct relevant solution? Lets assume, krishna (imaginary charecter) failed … Continue reading Progressive Matrix of Problems

6 patterns of clients that hinder the process of counseling

Why some clients get benefited from counseling where as others dont ? Why some people can get healed, where as others can't ? What stops a person from healing himself or herself ? What are the patterns of clients that hinder the process of counseling? I worked as a Counselling Psychologist for more than 2 … Continue reading 6 patterns of clients that hinder the process of counseling

Never compromise for anyone! Because when you compromise,  you will start asking that person to give you something that can compensate what you lost for him/her!. You don’t like the fact that you have expectations and you will go into denial. Your stubbornness is less harmful to that person than your pressure/expectation/denial!

Jealous is a feeling where person feels that other person is occupying his / her place. Jealous can be dealt easily by understanding that place of every person is unique and place of one person cant be occupied by other person.

Life is complete in itself! It grows, feels, learns, experiences, unfolds, on its own! We human, underestimate the importance and capability of life and try to alter the natural standards by setting standards, creating paths, monitoring speed, measuring progress and rewarding outcomes! And anxiety, depression, ocd are all byproducts of our acts that take us … Continue reading