Yes I am a Warrior!

Yes I am a Warrior! What makes me warrior is Neither my strength nor my power Neither my wealth nor my knowledge Neither my desire nor my stubbornness Neither my vision nor my past trauma Yes I am a Warrior Because I have a strand Yes I am a Warrior Because always I chose to … Continue reading Yes I am a Warrior!

Sleep and a Poem knocked my doors!

Sleep and a Poem,Knocked my doors!Which door should I open?A door that takes me into restOr a door that pushes me into the past?A door that shows me fantasiesOr a door that reminds me tragedies?A door that gives me warmthOr a door that stops my breathe?I chose the second oneAnd opened my eyes!That is when … Continue reading Sleep and a Poem knocked my doors!

Autobiography of my silence

When I was a child, I tried to open up. I cried very loudly… That was the only way to express pain at that point of time! But my grand father said, “SHUT UP!” “Your brother is crying. Don’t you hear that? You are a girl. Stop crying and take care of your brother!” When I … Continue reading Autobiography of my silence

A poem on Dissociation

We humans live in shit!We believe that we cannot come out!So we add various tags to shit!We add positive adjectives like “holy”, “great”, “divine” to our own shit!We add negative adjectives like “dirty”, “stupid”, “dangerous” to shit of others!We spill shit at others when they dont accept that their shit is bad!We get offended when … Continue reading A poem on Dissociation

A poem on Schizophrenia

According to my mother,it was my lie…According to my sister,it was my stupidity…According to my brother,it was my madness…But,According to my inner world,My threat was real…According to my mind,My suspicion was real…According to my heart,My pain was real…Everybody blamed me and cursed me and hated me for what I am!My heart got turned into a … Continue reading A poem on Schizophrenia

A poem on Insight

Mind seeks help from rationality! When rationality hits at right point, cracks are formed within the thoughts and beliefs! Cracks travel faster than water. Cracks form some more weak points where rationality again hits even more strongly Again more cracks appear and everything looks like a spider web of cracks which is going to break! … Continue reading A poem on Insight

Deaths, deaths and only deaths!deaths surrounded me like howmaggots surround a corpse!death of people who got infected,death of love for the ones who died,death of emotions of the ones who are alive &death of relations that connect people!death of aspirations, death of curiosity,death of hope & death of dreams!death of professions, death of responsibilitiesdeath of … Continue reading

A poem on Authenticity

I took a very long journey and travelled all over the world! I sailed through oceans and seas…I walked through forests and snow lands…I climbed up mountains and rocks…I passed through deserts and islands…I faced floods and droughts…I survived earthquakes and hurricanes… When I reached the destination, I figured out that my journey took me … Continue reading A poem on Authenticity