Standards & Judgements – What are they and what do they do?

In the session, Sriram (imaginary character) said, "I don't judge people. I just have standards for myself. I don't like to be a mediocre. I don't like failure !. But that doesn't mean, I judge others who fail. I don't say anything when a friend of mine fails." Therapists hear these lines from many clients … Continue reading Standards & Judgements – What are they and what do they do?

Healthy relationships are the ones without gaps!

He said something and she got angry. They didn't talk for 2 days. After that he tried to initiate talk and make her smile and again they started talking normally! Such events happen between couples, mother & child, father & child, etc. Between any two people who hold relationship. How they started talking normally? Thats … Continue reading Healthy relationships are the ones without gaps!

Dont fall in shit! Be Careful!

If you want to help someone by pulling them out of shit, thats wonderful. However, is he willing to? What if that person likes shit and enjoys being in shit, especially enjoys living together with others who pulled him into shit? If that is the case, he is going to give a fight while you … Continue reading Dont fall in shit! Be Careful!

Progressive Matrix of Problems

Have you ever observed? Once after a person gets one problem, why problems increase in a person's life like a progression? Because we humans, have a tendency of creating new problems by thinking that we are solving problems. How to distinguish between new problem and actual direct relevant solution? Lets assume, krishna (imaginary charecter) failed … Continue reading Progressive Matrix of Problems

Anger is a emotion but not a decision!

What is the logical explanation of the quote ??? "Holding Onto Anger Is Like Drinking Poison and Expecting the Other Person to Die. -Buddha" When we get anger on someone, and there is connection, what does that mean? there can be two reasons (based on my practical observations) of anger. One, a person gets anger … Continue reading Anger is a emotion but not a decision!

Healthy Planning vs Unhealthy Planning

I have seen many people staying motivated and organized with help of plans. I also have seen negative shade of planning. People with one type of OCD tend to make plans and overthink about them. I see a clear demarcation. Healthy plans that reduce stress are the plans made by considering measurable and certain factors. … Continue reading Healthy Planning vs Unhealthy Planning