Progressive Matrix of Problems

Have you ever observed? Once after a person gets one problem, why problems increase in a person’s life like a progression?

Because we humans, have a tendency of creating new problems by thinking that we are solving problems.

How to distinguish between new problem and actual direct relevant solution?

Lets assume, krishna (imaginary charecter) failed in exam and he started playing mobile games and that became addiction. He started suffering from insomnia. He lost interest in eating. He thought, he used to feel horrible in beginning when he failed and he is feeling much better now.

Krishna failed in solving problem and created new problems that would negatively affects his mind, body, academics and relationships.

He will realize that his life became mess with so many problems many years after he sees adverse impact on himself clearly.

Whether its adversly affecting negative coping or coping strategies which society admires, such as religious practices or cleaning or gardening… none of the coping mechanisms can help person in solving problem. A problem needs to be directly understood, explored, faced and solved.

When people fail in doing that, no matter what they do, they just create new problems as side effect!

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