Luck vs Bad Luck

For example, when a person meets with accident, if only minor injuries happen, he can view entire situation in two ways. One is optimistic way, I am lucky and so I am alive. Two is pessimistic way – I am unlucky and I met with accident. In both the cases, he is not trying to twist facts and see negative event in positive light. He is not seeing accident in positive light and trying to tell him that accident is a good event.

If he tells himself that its good that accident happened, atleast he got opportunity to rest, that is toxic positivity on the other hand. Because, accident and plan to rest is definitely not his choice.

However, both the strands “I am lucky” and “I am unlucky” are perspectives! Neither of them are truths. Perspectives are the ways in which we look at things. Its always healthy to adapt optimistic perspectives to stay healthy!

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