Yesterday, a small incident happened at my home that inspired me to make this post.

A butterfly got stuck in our room and my husband tried to help it. When he tried to hold it, it started resisting and hiding. He couldnt free the butterfly. Then he started using lights to direct it. He switched off lights in that room and switched on lights in front room. It moved to front room. Then he switched on lights in front room and switched on balcony light. Butterfly 🦋 happily got released from room and flied into the air.

The incident made me think, we people are very similar to the butterfly. When we get stuck in problems, we suffer. But we resist seeking help from people who can actually help by thinking that there are chances that they might harm. Moreover, we also feel like our freedom is getting restricted.

What we all need when we are in problems is a light that can direct us! Solving problems on our own is our wish & tendency! Our pattern! Human instinct. The one who knows how to switch on light can help. But not the one who tries to hold us! The one who can allow us to fly on our own can help us, but not the one who gets frustrated during the process!

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