Happy Teachers Day to all the Teachers who never troubled students!

Teachers get respect and especially in India, students treat teachers like GOD. However, all teachers doesn’t deserve respect and value. Lets talk about the dark side of the story!

Childhood of many people is not as rosy as they think. The ones who work on themself only knows what their Childhood is!

Most of the teachers doesn’t know how to nurture children. The following are the some of toxic behaviors of teachers

1. Some teachers bully students. They continually blame or point out one/some particular students in a class. They also do body shaming.

2. Some teachers cannot understand that every child is unique. They expect all children in a class to behave in same manner. However, no two fingerprints match. No two children behave in same way. Understanding subjective needs and strengths of each child is a skill and teachers needs to learn that.

3. Most of the teachers feel impatient all the time. They shout on children and give harsh punishments. They do guilt trip children for no reason. Imagine, there are two children ram and shyam. One child has habit of beating classmates. Other child has habit of biting nails. Most of the teachers give punishments in such a way that both Ram and Shyam will feel guilty of what they did. However, beating classmates is antisocial act and biting nails is symptom of anxiety. Teachers fail in understanding such differences between unethical acts and rule breaking patterns. Its ok even if child breaks a rule. Teachers have to learn how to handle situation when children breaks rules and not punish children as if they did some crime.

4. Teachers shatter dreams of children. Teachers sometimes directly convey their subjective opinions to children. Example case: Imagine, there are two children in class. One is raju and another is ravi. According to teachers, Raju is good student and Ravi lacks discipline. Teachers directly encourage Raju to become doctor and Ravi to become wage worker. Who are they to decide what should a child do in the future?

5. Teachers play power games. They compare and keep children in rat race. They make sure that each child is running fast to compete with other children. What they achieve by doing this is, they get appreciation from management when children perform well in exams. But what students loose is an opportunity to become authentic self! Teachers also impart anxieties to children by explaining how important it is to stand out, achieve, perform, be perfect, etc. Many children become perfectionists and develop time anxiety because of pressure given by teachers.

There are very few teachers who actually teach to empower children and help them in becoming authentic individuals. Happy Teachers Day to such Person Centered Teachers!

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