When someone close to us is in crisis/ health emergency,
Ofcourse we feel scared about the risk of losing them,
Ofcourse we feel worried about their health, we care,
Apart from that, there are also other aspects.

I, for the first time in my life, being a caregiver for someone who is fighting for their life, realized and understood about how it feels like, to be a caregiver!

The most important and difficult aspect of being caregiver is, to be on the mission continuously without any break or holiday!
Caregiver cannot take a break!
Caregiver cannot be irregular. Small mistake of a caregiver becomes life threat to the one who is in need.

I never thought I can be a good caregiver. However, many people and many situations, my own desire made me what I am today!

Caregiver should be able to mold himself/herself when plans change. I see myself dancing happily in the rain of uncertainty, not having plan of my own, being open to changes and uncertainties!

Each day new people meet, become close and then suddenly disappear after their dear ones gets discharged from hospital. But importance of each encounter and bond seems priceless to me, even though its short lived!

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