12 traits that are linked to high / low self esteem

High Self EsteemLow Self Esteem
I have my own set of values, morals and ethics. I formed them based on my own experiences and knowledgeI often listen to my family members, tries to fulfill demands and live upto standards of society
I can make my own decisions. I do not need anyone’s approval or validationI cannot take decisions on my own. I question my own decisions after listening to others comments
I do not worry about things that happened in past. I do not fear about future. I concentrate on presentI keep regretting about things that I did in past and fear about things that might happen in future
If I get a problem, I will try to solve it. I am open to seek help from others if needed.If I get trouble, I will regret and worry about it. I blame others, but cant take help.
I understand that I am unique. In some parameters may be I am better than others. In some, may be others are better than me. But everyone, including me is equally valuable/worthy.I try to compete with others, and become like them. Or else I try to convince myself that there are no subjective differences between us because I cannot tolerate some being better than others.
I believe in people around me and how valuable I am to them. Even there are issues, I feel secure about relations.I can’t trust people. I don’t believe people when they say I am important to them. I keep assessing them. I feel insecure about relation.
I can say no. I don’t feel obligated in doing anything. I do things that can add meaning to my life. I enjoy activities that I do.Others control my actions. I cannot say no. I feel obligated when someone asks me to do something. I don’t enjoy while doing it.
I do not violate rights of others. I give value to their opinions and emotions. I don’t try to gain something at cost of taking away something from others (that purely belongs to them).I try to push people and make them accept my opinions and emotions. I want my things at any cost. In that process, I don’t care even if I am not protecting rights of others.
I believe that every human is valuable irrespective of what they do in life or what they possessI believe that value of human depends on things and qualifications that he obtains in his life.
I like myself. If I do a mistake, I forgive myself. I feel that not being perfect is a human nature.I cannot take criticism. I hate myself when I do something wrong and scold myself.
I can handle negative emotions of people. I don’t change myself to satisfy others. I understand that it is natural that everyone will not like everything I do.I please people. I can’t accept when they don’t like something that I do. I will try to influence their emotions and make them agree with me.
According to me, world is a nice place. There is lots of scope for me.I see world as horrible place where there are no opportunities

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