TS of Conflict

TS of Conflict

When one person or both the persons who are in conflict believe that what they think is universally right, conflict never ends!

There can’t be 2 universal rights. Either one of them has to be wrong.

Or, there is another possibility. Each one of them can be thinking about right, which is a universal truth in any one particular type of situation, where as other one’s right is another universal truth in another situation.

Not fighting also can be considered as fight sometimes!

Not fighting also can be considered as fight sometimes!

Straight forward fight cannot be considered as a fight sometimes when it happens between 2 people who has different strengths!

In such cases, not fighting also can be considered as fight !

Fight is a procedure that involves following steps

1. Identifying injustice

2. Temporarily moving away from injustice

3. Recovering and healing

4. Empowering self

5. Acting against injustice

In this process, person raises from a point of ‘taking revenge’ to a point where he is not bothered about what happened to him, but only bothered about problem! In the process, he also gains strength equal to the one who caused the problem!

“The only thing I know, is that I know nothing.”


How come a person, who believed that he knew nothing is condered as one of the most wisest Philosophers of all times ? Socrates used only questioning method to understand the World. His method of Socratic questioning is being used by Psychologists even today! Is it true that we, all humans know nothing ? How come Socratic questioning method is able to shake anyone’s beliefs ? Both positive and negative experiences teach us many lessons. Whenever we learn a lesson, we believe in it. Negative experiences like – being victim of abuse makes us believe that the World is unfair. Positive experiences like – academic achievements, etc makes us believe in luck or hardwork. However, how can we make sure that we are able to see the real impact of an event ? I.e., What if our assumptions, perceptions, understandings, learnings, etc are all biased? There is a small invisible line between knowing something and SINKING IN. Meaning of “Knowing” is understanding something. Where as, “SINKING IN” is REALLY understanding something. The line that separates them is Objectivity. Sink In means – fully knowing, feeling, understanding, absorbing and experiencing something. When we form conclusions about various positive and negative elements in our life, we understand them from a superficial level. We don’t allow them to SINK IN. That is the reason why, we form subjective conclusions, but not the objective ones. That is why, what Socrates said is true… We know nothing ! Counseling or Person Centered Teaching helps clients in SINKING IN! We, founders of PSINK IN created the name by adding P to the word SINK IN. P represents Psychology. The name explains what any client can get from PSINK IN. That is nothing but “The real, experiencial understanding of things”.

I realized, it is true that nobody is open to listen to what I am saying !

It is also true that everyone is open to listen to what I am saying!

Key is, I should be able to identify when a person is open to listen and tell him/her what I want to say at that point of time!