The thieves of identity

More the envy they feel about someone, more are the chances that they will choose that person as victim. They love and get attracted to the vulnerability.

They don’t have identity of their own. So they always tend to copy others. After absorbing identity of victim, they leave victim in a place where they initially were! I.e., in identity crisis.

They start imitating or following victim and show off their devotion, as if they really have admiration for victim. Then they feel the competition. They decide that they have to destroy the source of their identity, i.e., person whom they are copying, so that they can feel like only one unique person (even though they are not). They don’t like sharing identity with the true owner of the identity.

They start attacking the victim, by blaming, shaming and humiliating. They make victim feel that he/she did something wrong. They establish themselves successfully. They act like sugar cane machines by breaking, straining and squeezing the victim’s identity. They leave nothing!

When victim tries to resist, they also strengthen themselves by using another victim as their agent. They attack the resisting kind of victim by taking help of another victim, who becomes their weapon blindly. Their weapons are their victims and their victims are their weapons.

Each victim completely believes in the theif. So victims live in a belief thet they are doing right thing by supporting the theif. Often, victims are kept in a illusion that the theif is in another victim’s control.

After repeated attacks, the direct ones and indirect ones, i.e., through other victims, theives succeed in doing exchange of personalities. They gain unique authentic personality from victim and by exchanging their own void like personality with victim.

Victims keep fighting among themselves. Each victim struggles because of identity crisis. But fails in identifying the process that she/he have undergone. Victim fails in recognizing the contribution of theif.

They emotionally manipulate. They lie and twist the truths. They keep victims in a designed illusionary world. On the other hand, when victim succeeds, they starve themselves and damage their own physical health. They also use their health crisis as means to manipulate victim who is trying to escape or already escaped.

I have seen such people, played victim role in my own life, discovered about what happened with me when I was a victim and cured myself. But I don’t even know what diagnosis suits people with such personality!

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