Attacking the connections that exist between emotions, thoughts and body is a self destructive behavior!

My client Hema (imaginary) had been suffering from insomnia from few months. She cannot sleep in the nights. She kept on describing how difficult it is to manage. She feels tired and exhausted in the day time. But I figured out that there is something fishy in her description. She told me so many times about physical manifestations such as inability to sleep, inability to concentrate on studies in the day time, exhaustion and underachievement. She requested me to fix her sleep cycle. Problem is, she didn’t mention anything about what kind of thoughts she get and how she feels when she get thoughts.

Amitabh, another client of mine (imaginary) approached me when he got physically assaulted by a chain snatcher. He got hurt badly and was not able to walk without support. I noticed that when he came to meet me. However, he didn’t talk about physical pain. He wanted to attend his sister’s birthday party and now he can’t. So he talked about his guilt and sadness.

Jaya, another client (imaginary) gets too many intrusive thoughts. She feels guilty thay she is not helping her mother in household works.

Karan (imaginary client) also feels bad because he stopped helping his father by handling the family business after he underwent breakup.

One thing that is common in all the above mentioned cases is – all of them are attacking the connections that exist between emotions, thoughts and body.

When a person is emotionally upset like Karan or when he/she is getting too many intruding thoughts like Jaya, it is impossible for him/her to be productive by working, because body is connected to thoughts and emotions. At the sime time, when someone is physically unhealthy, I.e., exhausted like Hema or in pain like Amitabh, it is impossible for him/her to use mind.

Emotions, thoughts and body sensations are a package. When one of them is in trouble, other 2 also experiences that trouble. If we demand them to work independently of each other, self identity, that is made up of emotions, thoughts and body sensations gets broken.

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