On becoming Idly Fry!

Today morning, I prepared Idly, but felt disappointed by looking at them. I made them using little old batter. So they tasted little sour and appeared soggy.

I decided to try preparing new dish Idly fry by frying the Idly. I tasted Idly fry once in the past when I was in Amity University hostel, but I never prepared on my own.

After I prepared, I was extremely happy. Idly fry tasted so good. Sourness of batter added flavor to it.

If I would have just ate idly without liking it, then I would have felt upset or frustrated. Bust since I tried something new by making a change, same quality that ruined taste of Idly, added taste to the new dish – Idly Fry. Its all about experimenting, trying new things, learning, changing and figuring out what could be the right choice! 🤭😋😉

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