I definitely believe in super-consciousness and collective consciousness!

We all humans share physical experiences. I.e., all humans react in same manner to certain stimulating events. All humans get burned by fire. All humans get frozen by ice. All humans get wet by water. Etc. All humans get infected with diseases.

Physical basis of these experiences is body and it is made of/from DNA. So, I can say, we humans share physical experiences because we all are made of same material, that is DNA.

But how come we are able to share psychological experiences? What is that we all possess in common?

I used to get a dream of loosing teeth when I was child. After studying psychology I figured that many people who has body image issues get same dream of loosing teeth.

Recently a question popped up in my mind. How come people who never talked to each other are getting same kind of dream? That too not a direct one. A dream that has symbolic meaning!

Nobody taught me that teeth represents beauty of body. So definitely its not conditioning that is happening at large scale. It is something more than that.

This phenomenon makes me think that there is some invisible / hidden thing that we all humans share. It is also possible that we all are connected to each other through that. Is that collective unconscious? Super consciousness?

What happens when invisible thing becomes visible? Can a person connect to all other people through it? Is that what mythological heroes did?

While thinking about all this, I also got another question in mind. Is it like I got insights now at personal experience level about what I read about Carl Jungs theories? Will have to read those theories again to figure out.

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