What we all need to develop in us is creativity, but not talent. Creativity is imagination that has no boundaries, where as, talent is a standardized measure. When we keep our abilities in a structured form and start expecting that they will have to match with standardized measure, two things happen. 1. Anxiety builds 2. Creativity dies. Leaving behind creativity and looking for talent is like searching for a flower and ignoring bunch of seeds that can help us in growing garden of flowers.

I have great admiration for Sakinala Savitramma garu, founder of @telanganapindivantalu not only because she is a great entrepreneur at age of around 75 but also because she broke many stereotypes by proving that 1. Age is not a barrier, 2. We don’t need any background support like wealth or influence to establish our identity, 3. Only an idea can make anyone an entrepreneur at any age in any circumstance 4. We only need people who trust and encourage us in the initial phase as emotional support.

Accidentally met her and feeling so happy for that!


Never compromise for anyone! Because when you compromise,  you will start asking that person to give you something that can compensate what you lost for him/her!. You don’t like the fact that you have expectations and you will go into denial. Your stubbornness is less harmful to that person than your pressure/expectation/denial!