What causes fights between two people with two different value systems is not the basic difference between values or ideas linked to their values. The differences in the degree of authenticity in each one of them and the strength of boundaries between them, determines the compatibility levels between them. If one of them / both of them are not authentic, being open to new ideas, discussions and new experiences starts bothering them. If one/both of them lacks boundaries, they start influencing each other and again that causes problems.

What happened to my poems?
One poem got stuck in dreams,
That got stuck in my sleep!
One poem got stuck in hope,
That got stuck in fear of failure!
One poem got stuck in objects,
That got stuck in orderliness!
One poem got stuck in love,
That got stuck in expectations!
One poem got stuck in friendship,
That got stuck in the judgementality!
One poem got stuck in content,
That got stuck in documentation!
One poem got stuck in life,
That got stuck in 4 existential fears!