Slowly learning and adopting to online interfaces in the counseling/training context! This is something I would never have done in my entire life if there was no pandemic! Living and evolving is all about adapting to changes! Studied in biology and now seeing practically!

When am I going to eat street food again?

When am I going to shop by bargaining for 70% discount again?

When am I going to click pictures of nature by travelling to different places again?

When am I going to attend facebook events again?

When am I going to meet friends and eat fastfood in late nights again?

When am I going to run workshops and support group sessions again?

When am I going to stop making posts on my own depression?

Hats off to Indian parenting system!

Anyone can buy as much as love they want! Buy selling their rights and autonomy! And they can sell love that they bought in exchange of control!

Father is a GOD, Mother is a GOD. Its just that those GODs need many things from humans, who are none other than their children!

Child can give away right to choose his/her subject and can buy so called love from parents!

Adolescent can give away right to experiment, roam around, explore and can buy so called love from parents!

Adult can give away right to choose career, life partner and can buy so called love from parents!

Middle aged person can give away right to create boundaries between partner, parents and children, mess up everything, allow saas bahu dramas, and can buy so called love from parents!

And good news is, they will start getting profits from this point. They can trade love that they got from parents to ready made customers – their children! Wow… no advertising, marketing, risks! Only profits there after!

We feel that job which we do is meaningful only when it serves a purpose which is greater than ourself! When we are serving something that is greater than self, it is obvious that we will be in a place where we will feel that we are not good enough! Its obvious! Even then if we continue doing, that is when we will become good enough. But then we will choose even more complicated task. So feeling inadequate is mandatory to travel in a path of growth! Growth is directly preportional to desire and inversely proportional to fear of failure! Only factor that hinders natural process of growth is lack of acceptance for fact that we are not good enough!

Being a real dominant man is better than being a fake femist! I have seen so many fake feminists who would say “I believe that men and women are equal and I want women to reach the level of men, I will help… If a man thinks he has to help woman to upgrade, how can he be called as feminist?

Happy Teacher’s Day

To all teachers who have transformed my life!

Even though there are several ways of self learning, ranging from reading books, watching videos to experimenting, none of the methods can replace teaching! Reason is, only a open minded teacher can use person centered teaching approach!

No to people can come to same conclusion. That doesnt mean they can’t understand each other! When someone says “lets not talk about it, our opinions are different”, they are also saying that they doesn’t want to understand an opinion which is different from their own one…two people with two opinions can definitely understand each other!