Corona virus cannot fly in air. Its people who are transferring it from one place to other place along with rumors.

I have come across many people who don’t know how to manage and are not interested in knowing. They are worried only about their productivity, functionality and mood swings. According to them, this is an opportunity to them!

They want to gather people at any cost. One of my neighbor secretly organized a get together party.

Government also had shown clearly that it will grant permission to people who can contribute to Indian economy. There are crowds in front of wine shops. People got permissionsbased on how much they can contribute to government!

I started getting frustration not because there is lockdown, but because I saw people doing several harmful things like not washing hands properly, thinking that it is not important to learn how to deal with COVID, pulling masks down while talking, roaming around even after getting ill, etc…

On the other hand, i see some people washing laptops and vegetables with surf, treating people who suffered and got cured as untouchables, etc!

That is when I realized, stupids are more dangerous than COVID!

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