Many many many more happy returns of the day to the most important person of my life! You are born on this day and that is why my existence became possible! I will take care of you forever! I will protect you, nurture you and fecilitate your growth! No matter what you do, I will … Continue reading

A person who gains everything at the cost of self tries to compete! In the beginning, it seems like he is winning the game.A person who looses everything to gain self tries to live! He is the one who wins the game not because he is great! Just because he has nothing to loose!

“Nature punished humans and restoring itself with the help of Corona.” Is that true? I don’tknow! But this is my perspective!We humans assign certain qualities to nature. After that we start believing that nature protects or preserves its own qualities.  Punishes the ones who cause damage to it. We personify!But in reality, once upon a … Continue reading

RIP Rationality As per IIT professor and NASA, temperature raises by 10 degrees. Then dinosaurs die. As per Parapsychology department professor named Rajamouli, the soul of dinosaur enters into the body of a mosquito.  It bites, and people gets infected. As per astrology predictions written in 10000 year old ancient book, one billion people die. … Continue reading