Many many many more happy returns of the day to the most important person of my life! You are born on this day and that is why my existence became possible! I will take care of you forever! I will protect you, nurture you and fecilitate your growth! No matter what you do, I will support you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Remember that I will keep loving you forever! I will always be there for you!

Happy Birthday to I ME MYSELF 😍😘

“Nature punished humans and restoring itself with the help of Corona.” Is that true? I don’tknow! But this is my perspective!
We humans assign certain qualities to nature. After that we start believing that nature protects or preserves its own qualities.  Punishes the ones who cause damage to it. We personify!
But in reality, once upon a time, the conditions on Earth were not suitable for the existence of life. At that time, blue green algae started photosynthesis and released huge amount of oxygen. Then other life forms evolved. Earth/Nature was fine with the changes. Nature didn’t try to restore. Because Nature is ever changing. It has no ideal reference points and never tries to restore itself.
It is we humans who keep references and try to become something else. We have ideal self and real self. We want to become ideal self. But Nature never does that!
Blue green algae produced oxygen and Earth started supporting respiring life forms. It never tried to restore to older version. Now just like how blue green algae and plants generated oxygen by adapting photosynthesis,  we humans generated pollutants by adapting processes like industrialization.
Nature can accept the changes that we did. If we continue polluting the Earth, Earth will start supporting life forms which can eat chloroflorocarbons and survive. As simple as that! Some form of life might evolve and start eating polythene and Nature favors that organism.
Ozone depletion causes problem to humans and other forms. If humas stay at home, ozone restores. That helps humans and animals. But its not the Nature that is getting benefit! Even if ozone gets depleted completely, Nature will start supporting life forms that dont need ozone layer! Tanning itself is something that can protect people from UV. So if ozone completely depletes, it is possible that nature starts support human like life forms which are in carbon black color. This is just an example.
Then who is at loss because of entire process? Its we, humans! Conditions of Earth change, then our life becomes impossible, new forms of life evolve and start living successfully!
Because we are afraid of that. We cannot accept the fact that we are causing our own destruction. So we are personifying Nature and assigning certain behaviors to it. We want to threated other humans by talking about powers of Nature. We want to create fear and stop them and ultimately that can protect entire human race but not Nature!

RIP Rationality
As per IIT professor and NASA, temperature raises by 10 degrees. Then dinosaurs die. As per Parapsychology department professor named Rajamouli, the soul of dinosaur enters into the body of a mosquito.  It bites, and people gets infected. As per astrology predictions written in 10000 year old ancient book, one billion people die. Everyone thinks that it is chicken gunya because mosquito bite killed people. But later, scientists and Sherlock Holmes figures out that it is the ghost of dinosaur that is killing people. Finally a man born to the tallest woman in a sacred country saves world and kills all mosquitoes using a weapon that is hidden in Himalayas.
“A True” Story by me. I mean, name of the story is “A True”.