A poem on Dissociation

We humans live in shit!
We believe that we cannot come out!
So we add various tags to shit!
We add positive adjectives like “holy”, “great”, “divine” to our own shit!
We add negative adjectives like “dirty”, “stupid”, “dangerous” to shit of others!
We spill shit at others when they dont accept that their shit is bad!
We get offended when others throw shit on us!
We create our own zone in the pool of shit!
We feel that our life is perfectly fine within our shit zone!
Ultimately we end our life after living very long life in shit!
We follow our parents, grandparents and ancestors!
We learn how to live in shit from them!
We feel proud of them!
When someone raises a question regarding shitty life,
We use all our force to drag them into shit!
We are afraid that they will find out a way to move out of shit!
We are afraid that their success is measure of our failure!
We are actually afraid that they will succeed one day,
And prove that there is a way to move out of shit!
If they move out, we need to start making attempts to move out of our shit zone!
We cannot do that because we are lazy!
We need to accept that we have lived in shit unnecessarily for all the years!
And we cannot do that!
So we live in shit and pull others into shit!

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