A poem on Schizophrenia

According to my mother,
it was my lie…
According to my sister,
it was my stupidity…
According to my brother,
it was my madness…
According to my inner world,
My threat was real…
According to my mind,
My suspicion was real…
According to my heart,
My pain was real…
Everybody blamed me and cursed me and hated me for what I am!
My heart got turned into a stone!
Now everybody wants a place in it!
According to them, their attempts are real!
But now, since I know that it is impossible to live in a stone,
According to me,
Their attempts are lies!
Their attempts are stupid!
Their attempts are mad!

2 thoughts on “A poem on Schizophrenia

  1. feelings good or bad cannot be supressed. but those which will hurt the heart will ruin the mind. which will touch the heart will cure the wounds.


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