A poem on Insight

Mind seeks help from rationality!

When rationality hits at right point, cracks are formed within the thoughts and beliefs!

Cracks travel faster than water.

Cracks form some more weak points where rationality again hits even more strongly Again more cracks appear and everything looks like a spider web of cracks which is going to break!

Old mansion of thoughts is going to collapse!

Only place that remains is calm desert. Its calm because, everything got smashed.

There is no more energy left to stop the collapse.

Then questions wander in the empty space about origin of mansion! Where was the rationality during the construction of mansion?

Everywhere destruction! Pain! Trauma! Sorrow!

What is going to happen? Will the desert turn into garden with various flowers like confidence, autonomy, happiness and motivation?

Where there is hope, there is life!

Pain might turn into labor pain! Life is a cycle of birth, survival and death!

When life cant escape from cycle, how can a mansion escape?

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