A poem on Authenticity

I took a very long journey and travelled all over the world!

I sailed through oceans and seas…I walked through forests and snow lands…I climbed up mountains and rocks…I passed through deserts and islands…I faced floods and droughts…I survived earthquakes and hurricanes…

When I reached the destination, I figured out that my journey took me to same place from where I started!

I didn’t knew that earth is a sphere! I didn’t knew that all the journeys start and end at same point!

The difficulties that I faced during journey pinched me…The mile stones that I crossed laughed at me…The injuries on my feet hurt me…My travel map have made fun of me…My motivation pointed out my ignorance…

There is another parallel world! Yes… there is another parallel world inside me…

My world is the rescuer! She is the care giver! She is my mother! My world consoled me…

She said, Journey is more beautiful than the destination…Ignorance helped me in proving the fact that Earth is a sphere…I am the researcher and made many discoveries…Difficulties are the experiences, that taught me adaptability…Milestones measured my strength, but not the distance…Injuries marked the path with blood and it is more colorful now…Travel map will make some pages in history of human kind…Motivation will not let me stop!

It will help me to start the new journey…I will take longer journey and travel all over my parallel world!

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