The missing logics in the story of Corona virus – Part 3: The Promotion of Culture

“Our culture already taught us how to protect ourselves from Corona. We neglected. So now at least we have to open our eyes and start giving importance to our ancient culture, religious practices and traditions. “

I am hearing this kind of argument often. What I feel is, some people are trying to take advantage of situation and promote religious practices and culture. They are choosing some aspects of culture, writing in the message and trying to present culture as something that can protect us from Corona virus.

Culture is a mixture of ideas, experiences, behaviors and beliefs. Some cultures might have preached some points that can help us in protecting ourselves from Corona. Like for eg: We should not eat non vegetarian food, we have to maintain hygiene, we have to clean our hands before eating, etc. But that is a coincidence. Now people who wants to promote culture are selectively bringing forward those points.

First of all, practices like washing hands all the time, not entering into house without taking bath, not touching anything, etc, are not always healthy. Now, in the current situation, they are healthy because we don’t have any other option.

If we fight with weaker person, we will learn how to fight and gain strength. If we fight with stronger person, we will die. In the same way, if we get exposed to weaker viruses, our immunity (a system that guards us from everything) becomes stronger. What is vaccine? it is a weaker form of organism that cannot cause threat to our life! After taking vaccine, our immunity gains strength and becomes capable of fighting with organisms that can actually affect us. So, getting exposed to every microorganism is very essential. Cleaning hands is not always healthy.

But now we dont have any vaccine for Corona. Moreover, Corona is so strong that it can take lives. So it is recommended that we have to wash our hands and isolate ourselves.

Imagine, it is raining and a man is using umbrella. There is a ancient script which says “a man has to use umbrella”. Man is doing whatever is written in the script. That doesnt prove anything. That doesnt prove the rationality of script. Man is using umbrella BECAUSE it is raining. Science always explains things by making use of logics.

Secondly, there is another logic that we are missing. Culture taught few points that can save life from Corona and that is a pure coincidence. That doesn’t mean culture is great. If we keep that aside, culture also taught us certain things which can increase the risk of Carona (eg: we have to take bath in rivers and lakes, we have to distribute food and clothes, we have to assemble in religious places, etc). And that doesn’t mean culture is dumb. We cannot make any comments on culture by looking at it through lenses of Corona.

There is nothing wrong in believing, following and admiring a culture without discriminating other human beings. I am not against any culture. I am against the concept of linking Corona with culture. Do not fall into trap while reading the messages which are trying to promote culture by advocating that cultural practices can help us in fighting with Corona.

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