We always trust wrong people! Because right people are honest.  Honesty creates anxiety. Because honesty demands change! So we choose comfort which in turn means lack of honesty! Most of the people know this.
But there is another paradox/strange thing here. A person who is honest also starts believing that he is not honest at one point after being rejected hundreds of times. That is when comfort zone appears like honesty to honest person. He tries to change himself and adjust in society.
A person who is in comfort zone rejects honest person hundreds of times because honesty appears like comfort to him.
Whatever we are perceiving,  whether it is comfort or honesty,  that is just our perception.  And we can either perceive honesty or comfort.  But not both at one point of time. Because,  whatever we perceive,  we label it as honesty!!!

Deaths, deaths and only deaths!
deaths surrounded me like how
maggots surround a corpse!
death of people who got infected,
death of love for the ones who died,
death of emotions of the ones who are alive &
death of relations that connect people!
death of aspirations, death of curiosity,
death of hope & death of dreams!
death of professions, death of responsibilities
death of satisfaction & death of creativity!
I was aware that death is inevitable!
but i was not aware that death can be everywhere!