My dear WELL WISHERS! Thank you for giving valuable advises! That too for free of cost!
“You are in a “BAD” profession! Try some other profession! You just sit and listen to peoples sad stories! You are spending so much of time with mad people! One day, you will also become mad! Your life is not normal! Study well, earn money, join a DECENT job, get married, become a SANSKARI wife,have children, join them in convent school, encourage them to become doctors or engineers, get them married to SANSKARI life partners and make sure that they are on right track by interfering in their life at every point!“
Now let me tell you the TRUE STORY!
I am in divine profession and only the ones who are true to self can sense such divinity! I don’t just listen to people. I see them suffering, fighting, healing, growing and transforming! I enjoy the time that I spend with my clients because therapy session is the only place where I see honesty! I get an opportunity to listen to true stories! I might have gone mad long ago by looking at peoples conventionality, fake smiles, denial, selfish relations and closed minds. Only counselling process helped me in saving myself by nurturing my honesty! Just like how a lamp lights other lamps, my honesty is helping me in nurturing the honesty of my clients!

“If you follow what majority says,  you will not do wrong things.” “Follow the norms!”
This is what people teach!
But what if the majority is following one person/belief?
Then it is 1:1
50% chances are there that you are right. 50% chances are there that they are right!
Majority people can guide you only when they are authentic. Not when they are slaves of some rigid belief system that was created by one person!