My encounter with various perspectives!

My encounter with various perspec

Various thoughts and various perspectives are fighting among themselves right now in my mind!

A note is made in Indian history that four men got killed because they have thrown stones at police men, but not because they raped and brutally killed an innocent woman without any empathy!

Let me assume that the victim somehow got the justice! Even if I try to satisfy myself by looking at what happened but not by thinking about how it happened, few more questions are popping up in my mind and they are ruining my satisfaction!

When something happens in a cruel manner, public react. An abuser/rapist does something to gratify his sexual desire or satisfy his ego. Public or power attacks the criminal to gratify their anger! Where is the role of intellect?

If intellect of whole mankind has a voice, it would say –

“Punish all the criminals in similar manner. Do not leave one criminal because he is rich and do not kill another criminal because he is poor!”

“Punish all the criminals in similar manner. Do not allow some criminals to escape just because they belong to some cast or religion or region or minor age group!”

“Punish all the criminals in similar manner. Decide the punishment based on the crime, but not the emotions that you get while watching a crime! Crime is crime even if it is not cruel!”

“Punish all the criminals in similar manner. Do not decide punishment based on the feelings that you have for the victim. Do not reduce the punishment of criminal by thinking that victim was wearing lipstick! Do not judge the character of the victim and do not attribute a percentage of responsibility to her based on your judgmental assessment!

“Punish all the criminals in similar manner. Keep in mind that your goal is to reduce the crime in the society! Not to get some temporary gratification!

Nisbhaya… Asifa… Disha… Giving names is easier! But where is the justice? Where are the amendments in laws? Where is the implementation of new laws? Where is fast track justice? Who is giving sex education to children? Who is openly talking in public about concepts such as sex, menstruation, abuse, consent, etc?

But one thing is true! If we just remain silent and wait for an opportunity to give similar punishments to all the criminals in systematic manner, nothing would move forward. Perfectionism ruins the performance! Only one criminal can get punished at one time and that process is called “beginning”! This is just the beginning! A new beginning! May be, this is not a perfect beginning! But everything has to start at some point in some manner! May be, this is the beginning that can actually make voices heard! Voices includes the voice of whole mankind! When ‘beginning’ incorporates the voice of intellect into itself, it gets transformed into “CHANGE”. Change is going to happen soon and this is just the beginning!

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