We experience negative emotions almost everyday. Different people handle negative emotions in different ways. Crying, fighting, shouting, taking risks, etc are different ways in which we react. Some people get negative thoughts. Some people intellectualize and give logical reasoning. Some people divert themselves. When we express our emotion in form of art, we will be … Continue reading

Heart is beating at the speed of light…Every beat is making sense of life…Life is grabbing noisy breath…Breath is floating in the ocean of blood…Blood is running to generate heat…Heat is melting the salty sweat…Sweat is flowing on the clumsy body…Body is resting in restlessness…Doctor would call it anxiety…But I call it ‘the rhythm of … Continue reading

As per definition, role model is a person set as an example to be imitatedPractically, meaning of role model is different from the original definition. Imitation cannot last long. Imitating someone cannot give success and happiness for a longer time. That is because every individual is different.Role model is the treasure box of qualities that … Continue reading