I was travelling in a flight. I travelled many times before, but that one particular night journey was different. There was a cloud in front of flight window, that suddenly shined in violet colour. It took some time for me to understand that it was lightning. Suddenly my journey surprized me. I was in sky and very close to lightning. I was seeing clouds from a different position. Why I never felt this before? It is generally fascinating for me to watch sky in fantasy movies. But I was never very excited for being in sky before. Why? When I got these questions in my mind, I started feeling excited and happy.
Then I got an insight. There were two types of perceptions. One, broader perception and one narrow perception. Narrow perception helped me to understand that I was in flight, wearing a belt, there was a window next to me and there were people around me. Wider perception helped me to understand that I was in air, in between clouds, moving from one space to another space, facing the lightning and stars! Wow… how did I miss experiences all these years? How come I didnt use my wider perspective before?

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