Our society teaches us that jealousy is a negative emotion and it should not be felt. When we feel jealous, we judge ourselves. We blame ourselves. In extreme cases, we harm others. In reality, jealousy is a form of insecurity and perceived disadvantage which doesnt actually exist. Our negative judgements about jealousy nurtures the false perception.
Example, a person feels that he cannot get job because he doesnt have sports certificate and other person has. So he is perceiving a disadvantage. In reality, people without sports certificate also can get job. Infact, anyone can do anything if they are persistent and committed! When a person feels jealous, he forgets the fact that nothing can actually stop. The obstacle that stops people is their perception about their lacking. People who doesnt play also get jobs, who doesnt have family also get jobs, who are not handsome also get jobs, who are physically challenged also get jobs.
To overcome jealousy, we have to accept that we are jealous without judging ourself. Then we have to explore our perception that is linked with disadvantage. We have to question ourselves
“if I am lacking something and other person have it, does it really matter? am I that weak? Can this disadvantage stop me from getting whatever I want?”
By answering such questions and training ourself that we are falsely perceiving disadvantages, we can overcome jealousy…

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