3 Cat Theory of Free Will Vs Determinism

3 Cat Theory
Imagine there are three cats born at same time, in the same environment, with same intelligence. A dog comes and eats away one of them. So can we call it bad luck? Is everything deterministic?
If we view only zone around cat and think about it, we can say, cat has choices. It can train itself and escape from dog. If that is impossible, whole cat species on the Earth would have become extinct. That means, there are cats which can actually save themselves. So becoming a efficient cat by improving observation skills, hiding in safe places, etc is cat’s free will.
If dog eats efficient cat, situation appears deterministic, since cat has no free will. But the free will that is acting at this level is dog’s free will. Dog must have chosen to train itself to catch efficient cat. In this case, we have to view zone around cat and dog.
Humans eat dog. So dog’s death appears deterministic to dog. But it is human’s free will.
Nature can destroy humans. So human’s determinism is Nature’s free will. Nature also doesnt act at random. It acts to maintain balance. So ultimately everything is based on choices and balance.
After understanding about balance, it is difficult to figure what our role is, since everything is in balance. At the same time, it is very easy to figure out our role. Our role is just to nurish, retain, contribute, protect and worship the equilibrium! Isn’t it?

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