Every human mind consists of a gaint perceptual world which is comparable to home!
Imagine three situations. Situation 1, we are visiting someones home just as a formality. There will be so many disturbances and diversions. We can compare this situation to casual hearing.
Situation 2, we are visiting someones home on a purpose. We might like some things at their home. We might enquire about few things. We might give them some gifts. This is comparable to normal conversation.
Situation 3, we are visiting someones home without any specific purpose, but we just want to spend some time. We might observe each and everything present in their home. We enjoy the visit just because it is interesting. We dont compare their home with our home. This is comparable to empathetic listening.

We think that two people argue about one thing. Some arguments leads to fights. Sometimes we dont understand the reason. We fail to ressolve. Why?
Imagine an example:
Person 1: plants are green in colour
Person 2: Sky is blue
Person 1: No, they are green
Person 2: You are a stupid, it is blue
What is happening in the example? Two people are talking about two different things. Both of them are right, but problem is, they are thinking that they are talking about same thing.
That is what happens during arguments. We think that we are talking about same thing. But perceptual world of every individual is so unique. So during an argument, topic about which we talk appears same, but individual perception of that topic is so different. Everyone thinks that their perception is truth. But their is no absolute truth. There are only perceptions in this world.

We fail some times at the end. We feel unhappy after failing. But what happens when we succeed? We feel happy, but is it going to last long? Even when we succeed, life becomes flat after few days and we start another journey to become successful again. We struggle throughout our life to become successful. Failure cannot make us happy. Success also cannot make us happy. Then where is the happiness?
By tagging the results as positive and negative, we are actually linking happiness with success. So we can actually unlink the happiness and then we will be able to experience happiness all the time. We can train ourself to enjoy the journey, but not the result. We can actually be happy without any reason! By removing tags, we can choose to be happy!

I was travelling in a flight. I travelled many times before, but that one particular night journey was different. There was a cloud in front of flight window, that suddenly shined in violet colour. It took some time for me to understand that it was lightning. Suddenly my journey surprized me. I was in sky and very close to lightning. I was seeing clouds from a different position. Why I never felt this before? It is generally fascinating for me to watch sky in fantasy movies. But I was never very excited for being in sky before. Why? When I got these questions in my mind, I started feeling excited and happy.
Then I got an insight. There were two types of perceptions. One, broader perception and one narrow perception. Narrow perception helped me to understand that I was in flight, wearing a belt, there was a window next to me and there were people around me. Wider perception helped me to understand that I was in air, in between clouds, moving from one space to another space, facing the lightning and stars! Wow… how did I miss experiences all these years? How come I didnt use my wider perspective before?

When someone criticizes, we might question ourself. That itself might make us fail. But it appears like, they have predicted our failure.
Obstacles are common in any process. Success comes when we cross obstacles in our way. We fail, when we give up. When someone criticizes us, if our self esteem is low, we accept the criticism and give up easily!
Criticizing person might think that he/she is helping us by giving negative predictions to make us alert. But giving predictions doesnt help in anyway.

One world said, you are wrong and other world said,
there is no right and wrong…
When they both met, empathy emerged!
One world said, you should not change and other world said, keep moving…
When they both met, precession emerged!
One world said, I am so small and other world said,
your life is not enough to measure me…
When they both met, growth emerged!
One world said, there are truths and other world said,
there are only perceptions…
When they both met, objectivity emerged!
One world said, everything is destiny and other world said,
it is your free will…
When they both met, choice emerged!
One world said, enmeshment is must and other world said,
you are the most important person in your life…
When they both met, freedom emerged!

Our society teaches us that jealousy is a negative emotion and it should not be felt. When we feel jealous, we judge ourselves. We blame ourselves. In extreme cases, we harm others. In reality, jealousy is a form of insecurity and perceived disadvantage which doesnt actually exist. Our negative judgements about jealousy nurtures the false perception.
Example, a person feels that he cannot get job because he doesnt have sports certificate and other person has. So he is perceiving a disadvantage. In reality, people without sports certificate also can get job. Infact, anyone can do anything if they are persistent and committed! When a person feels jealous, he forgets the fact that nothing can actually stop. The obstacle that stops people is their perception about their lacking. People who doesnt play also get jobs, who doesnt have family also get jobs, who are not handsome also get jobs, who are physically challenged also get jobs.
To overcome jealousy, we have to accept that we are jealous without judging ourself. Then we have to explore our perception that is linked with disadvantage. We have to question ourselves
“if I am lacking something and other person have it, does it really matter? am I that weak? Can this disadvantage stop me from getting whatever I want?”
By answering such questions and training ourself that we are falsely perceiving disadvantages, we can overcome jealousy…

I do not trust myself! so i distrust others because they are just like me…
I have no confidence! so i am not confident about others because they are just like me…
I am not happy! so i dont see others happy because they are just like me…
I hate myself! so i believe that people hate me because they are just like me…
I reject myself! so i feel that people rejected me because they are just like me…
I agree, I have so many issues within me!
I agree, I am not normal human being!
I agree, I hurt people by assuming things!
But there are two great reasons which make me what I am…
One, I have feelings and emotions that make me a human!
Second, I have a belief that others are just like me!

Imagine we have to wait for few days to do some work or join somewhere or go to a place or get results. Anxiety builds up during waiting time. The cause is lack of confidence. If we try to work earlier just to get rid of anxiety, we are actually escaping anxiety but not dealing with it. We become dependent on the work. We will neither perform well nor anxiety gets resolved. Anxiety just transfers onto another task.So instead of running in hurry, when we do small things to test or prove our ability, confidence builds…

If we believe that our shadow is our enemy, we will keep running and shadow keeps chasing us! If we turn back and look at it, it disappears!
In the same way, mind’s shadow is made up of thoughts and feelings. When we run, they chase. If we look at them without judging, they will disappear!
The truth is, shadow is not our enemy. We misunderstand our own shadow in darkness. In the same way, we misunderstand our own emotions and lebel them in tough times.

3 Cat Theory
Imagine there are three cats born at same time, in the same environment, with same intelligence. A dog comes and eats away one of them. So can we call it bad luck? Is everything deterministic?
If we view only zone around cat and think about it, we can say, cat has choices. It can train itself and escape from dog. If that is impossible, whole cat species on the Earth would have become extinct. That means, there are cats which can actually save themselves. So becoming a efficient cat by improving observation skills, hiding in safe places, etc is cat’s free will.
If dog eats efficient cat, situation appears deterministic, since cat has no free will. But the free will that is acting at this level is dog’s free will. Dog must have chosen to train itself to catch efficient cat. In this case, we have to view zone around cat and dog.
Humans eat dog. So dog’s death appears deterministic to dog. But it is human’s free will.
Nature can destroy humans. So human’s determinism is Nature’s free will. Nature also doesnt act at random. It acts to maintain balance. So ultimately everything is based on choices and balance.
After understanding about balance, it is difficult to figure what our role is, since everything is in balance. At the same time, it is very easy to figure out our role. Our role is just to nurish, retain, contribute, protect and worship the equilibrium! Isn’t it?