Every human mind consists of a gaint perceptual world which is comparable to home!Imagine three situations. Situation 1, we are visiting someones home just as a formality. There will be so many disturbances and diversions. We can compare this situation to casual hearing.Situation 2, we are visiting someones home on a purpose. We might like … Continue reading

We think that two people argue about one thing. Some arguments leads to fights. Sometimes we dont understand the reason. We fail to ressolve. Why?Imagine an example:Person 1: plants are green in colourPerson 2: Sky is bluePerson 1: No, they are greenPerson 2: You are a stupid, it is blueWhat is happening in the example? … Continue reading

We fail some times at the end. We feel unhappy after failing. But what happens when we succeed? We feel happy, but is it going to last long? Even when we succeed, life becomes flat after few days and we start another journey to become successful again. We struggle throughout our life to become successful. … Continue reading

I was travelling in a flight. I travelled many times before, but that one particular night journey was different. There was a cloud in front of flight window, that suddenly shined in violet colour. It took some time for me to understand that it was lightning. Suddenly my journey surprized me. I was in sky … Continue reading

When someone criticizes, we might question ourself. That itself might make us fail. But it appears like, they have predicted our failure.Obstacles are common in any process. Success comes when we cross obstacles in our way. We fail, when we give up. When someone criticizes us, if our self esteem is low, we accept the … Continue reading

Our society teaches us that jealousy is a negative emotion and it should not be felt. When we feel jealous, we judge ourselves. We blame ourselves. In extreme cases, we harm others. In reality, jealousy is a form of insecurity and perceived disadvantage which doesnt actually exist. Our negative judgements about jealousy nurtures the false … Continue reading

I do not trust myself! so i distrust others because they are just like me…I have no confidence! so i am not confident about others because they are just like me…I am not happy! so i dont see others happy because they are just like me…I hate myself! so i believe that people hate me … Continue reading

Imagine we have to wait for few days to do some work or join somewhere or go to a place or get results. Anxiety builds up during waiting time. The cause is lack of confidence. If we try to work earlier just to get rid of anxiety, we are actually escaping anxiety but not dealing … Continue reading

3 Cat Theory of Free Will Vs Determinism

3 Cat Theory Imagine there are three cats born at same time, in the same environment, with same intelligence. A dog comes and eats away one of them. So can we call it bad luck? Is everything deterministic? If we view only zone around cat and think about it, we can say, cat has choices. … Continue reading 3 Cat Theory of Free Will Vs Determinism