We learn throughout our life that we have to ignore our negative emotions. We read in moral stories about negative emotions in a pessimistic light. Some theories also talk about gaining control over emotions. We assume that emotional human beings are weak.
In reality, Emotions are not meaningless! They do not depict vulnerability. They depict humanity! They depict life!
Burying negative emotion by attaching a ‘bad’ tag to it cannot solve any problem. It actually complicates the problem. Buried emotion comes out as some other severe manifestation.
Being mindful about our own emotions can help us in understanding ourself. We can practice mindfulness by simply observing our own emotions without assigning any meaning to them at that point of time. After observing the emotion, we can ask ourself, “what it means to me?”. That can help us in understanding meaning of the emotion which in turn acts as door for mind.
After decoding the meaning, negative emotion disappears automatically if we work on the meaning.

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