When we assign some bigger value to simple things, they become very difficult for us to do… We need to check the values that we assign to things. Example, imagine someone who cannot ask for help. It is possible that they have added value to it. For them, meaning of asking help could be inefficiency!

Firstly we read things.
We understand things when we get the meaning of what we read.
We experience things when we get the insight of what we understand.
We absorb things when we use our insights everywhere.
We write during the process and other person undergoes same cycle when he/she reads our writings.

Imagine someone did something unfair to us. Unfair act could include anything that hurts, like violence, humiliation, bullying, strict parenting, etc. We loose trust in ourself and seek approval from others. That means, we are not trusting the victim, but we are trusting the people who are actually responsible for victims pain! Are we giving fair treatment to ourself? They caused pain to us once. We have learned from them and causing pain to ourself every second. Can we unlearn the behaviour and show some empathy on ourself?

Sometimes we cannot trust others. We face many insecurities. So many questions pop up in our mind. We try to get confirmations from others. If we try to change ourself by trusting others, we fail.
Reason is, we are failing to understand what the underlying cause is. Not trusting others is manifestation of not trusting ourself!
We can change by trying to trust ourself, but not by trying to trust others.
There will be so many reasons to trust ourself. There will also be reasons not to trust. Problem comes when we be very self critical and focus only on reasons not to trust ourself! What is the use of being self critical when it is not helping to gain trust? After all we are humans!

We learn throughout our life that we have to ignore our negative emotions. We read in moral stories about negative emotions in a pessimistic light. Some theories also talk about gaining control over emotions. We assume that emotional human beings are weak.
In reality, Emotions are not meaningless! They do not depict vulnerability. They depict humanity! They depict life!
Burying negative emotion by attaching a ‘bad’ tag to it cannot solve any problem. It actually complicates the problem. Buried emotion comes out as some other severe manifestation.
Being mindful about our own emotions can help us in understanding ourself. We can practice mindfulness by simply observing our own emotions without assigning any meaning to them at that point of time. After observing the emotion, we can ask ourself, “what it means to me?”. That can help us in understanding meaning of the emotion which in turn acts as door for mind.
After decoding the meaning, negative emotion disappears automatically if we work on the meaning.

When we overthink, so many thoughts are generated. The thoughts act like bricks to form complex buildings. We fill the gaps to make connections. The buildings that are formed appear beautiful. Complexes made of thoughts include theories, fantasies and stories.
Problem is, when we fill gaps by making wrong connections, reality that has to occupy the gap will find no place for itself. So whole building of thoughts collapses, when we encounter the reality.
This process of making buildings of thoughts and breaking can not only drain the energy, but also can make us live in virtual world.
It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. – Sherlock Holmes

I took a very long journey and travelled all over the world!
I sailed through oceans and seas…I walked through forests and snow lands…I climbed up mountains and rocks…I passed through deserts and islands…I faced floods and droughts…I survived earthquakes and hurricanes…
When I reached the destination, I figured out that my journey took me to same place from where I started!
I didn’t knew that earth is a sphere! I didn’t knew that all the journeys start and end at same point!
The difficulties that I faced during journey pinched me…The mile stones that I crossed laughed at me…The injuries on my feet hurt me…My travel map have made fun of me…My motivation pointed out my ignorance…
There is another parallel world! Yes… there is another parallel world inside me…
My world is the rescuer! She is the care giver! She is my mother! My world consoled me…
She said, Journey is more beautiful than the destination…Ignorance helped me in proving the fact that Earth is a sphere…I am the researcher and made many discoveries…Difficulties are the experiences, that taught me adaptability…Milestones measured my strength, but not the distance…Injuries marked the path with blood and it is more colorful now…Travel map will make some pages in history of human kind…Motivation will not let me stop!
It will help me to start the new journey…I will take longer journey and travel all over my parallel world!