I am a eagle with beautiful feathers…I fly above clouds to avoid storms…
I asked wind one day to blow me…So that I can move little faster…So that I can save my life…Wind said, “I don’t take responsibility”
Then it started gusting against me…Movements in my wings caused pain…Stones were stuck in my wings…They started falling down rapidly…
I am feeling lighter and lighter…I am flying higher and higher…I am moving faster and faster…Now nothing can harm me…
Wind knew that I have capability…Wind knew that there were stones…Wind wanted to give me credit…
Wind din’t take smaller responsibility of saving me from storm…It took bigger responsibility of saving me from everything!

We generally think that we have to incorporate new qualities into ourselves, to improve our charecter.
The fact is, we all are somehow biased with our own perceptions. We just need to just shed all our old perceptions and preconceived notions to gain charecter.
We dont underatand that everything is a perception. Even analysis of perceptions is just a perception, that has to be ecdysed to gain true sight!

Going to counselling is important when we have unresolved issues. Even counselling fails when we choose not to change ourselves. Happyness is a choice, that has to be chosen.
Sometimes we might wonder, why we are not able to work on ourself. That is because, our mind drags us away from stress. It diverts and gives us temporary happyness. So after sometime, effect of diversion will be over and we will experience distress again. That is why it is necessary to stay on track to attain insight, that in turn gives happyness.
Best way to stay on track is to spend some time with ourselves on regular basis. We can become friends with anyone by by spending time with them. In the same way, we have to spend time with ourself to make friendship with self. There should be a regularity and punctuality. In that time, we can do anything that can actually help us to explore ourself. We can write our thoughts, express ourselves through arts like painting, talk about self in intellectual way, etc…

We do something and we feel that we have did it for others. In reality, there will be a personal motive behind every act. There will be a personal emotion behind everything.
For example,
We help others to feel good about ourself, but we think that we are doing it for them.
If anyone is struggling LIKE US, we show empathy towards them. It is our pain which drives us, but not their pain. But we think that their struggle is driving us.
If we fail, we feel bad about ourselves that we have not contributed enough. That in turn makes us feel bad. But we think that we are feeling bad about failure as a whole.
Being mindful about personal intensions can help us in being detached and attached to things at the same time.

We all have a shell around us and it protects us. It is composed of psychological strategies called defense mechanisms. Unconscious mind makes us use defense mechanisms to deny or distort the reality, in order to protect us from negative emotions like anxiety, depression, etc. Example, denial is a state where we avoid thinking about some negative event to escape from feelings related to the event.
“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” – Sigmund Freud
When we do not accept the reality, it effects us in uglier way at a different time point. All the human beings make an effort to deal with the negative emotions in their own ways. Some people travel slowly, where as others travel fast. All the journeys have a common destination, gaining the INSIGHT.
When someone questions, we try to fight with them and protect our defense mechanisms. We might even blame the helper and do personal attacks with lots of criticism and negativity. But our actions might be different. We might approach the helper again and again to get our answers from his/her questions. We get better in the process. The reason for which we get better is that we are becoming close to reality. The reason for which we target the helper is to save our defense mechanisms. When helper is a close person, he/she will be attacked more and more severely.  That makes him loose his own stability. That is the reason why, helper cannot empower the victim. That is the reason why many close people fail in helping the person who is struggling.
Counseling is a process where two processes run simultaneously. One is empowerment and it helps us in handling the loss of defense mechanisms. Second is confrontation that actually attacks defense mechanisms.

When we feel thankful, we gain a potential. We will feel like doing something for them. That energy can be used as driving force to gain productivity and actually do something for the person. If we invest it in thanksgiving, we feel that we have done something. We get the gratification. But in reality, we are not really doing anything. That is the reason why thanks giving could be a bad idea.

We get happyness when we play. But we get even more pleasure by seeing other people happy.
Certain bad incidences happen when people forget the above mentioned fact.
Holi is colourful for most of the people. For others, it is a black mark on their white life.
The person who is playing Holi should remember one thing. Consequences of forcefully applying colours to someone varies. Victom might feel negative emotions like inferiority, helplessness and hopelessness. Every individual is different sensitivity varies from person to person.
On this Holi, let us protect the sensitivity and support people who are sensitive!
Let us not apply colours to people who doesnt want!
Let us stop people who apply colours forcefully!

First steps are difficult because of uncertainties that are there in our mind about destination.
Can we reach the destination? Are we capable? Does the destination which we are imagining really exist?
Then we struggle hard, find ways to achieve, come out of comfort zone, experiment, fail and learn many times and find out that there is a way!
When we are very close to the destination, a happiness blooms in the heart. when the image of destination reflects on our pupil, it feels like we have reached.
But we have not really reached. A feet appears like thousand miles.
A journey begins with anxiety and ends with anxiety Only mind seeks answer for one question.
The journey began and we were anxious. Journey continued and we were anxious. But why is the new anxiety at the end of a journey different?