Going to counselling is important when we have unresolved issues. Even counselling fails when we choose not to change ourselves. Happyness is a choice, that has to be chosen.Sometimes we might wonder, why we are not able to work on ourself. That is because, our mind drags us away from stress. It diverts and gives … Continue reading

We all have a shell around us and it protects us. It is composed of psychological strategies called defense mechanisms. Unconscious mind makes us use defense mechanisms to deny or distort the reality, in order to protect us from negative emotions like anxiety, depression, etc. Example, denial is a state where we avoid thinking about … Continue reading

When we feel thankful, we gain a potential. We will feel like doing something for them. That energy can be used as driving force to gain productivity and actually do something for the person. If we invest it in thanksgiving, we feel that we have done something. We get the gratification. But in reality, we … Continue reading

First steps are difficult because of uncertainties that are there in our mind about destination.Can we reach the destination? Are we capable? Does the destination which we are imagining really exist?Then we struggle hard, find ways to achieve, come out of comfort zone, experiment, fail and learn many times and find out that there is … Continue reading