She asked me questionsand they are answers to my questions…Oh! She was actually answering!She asked me to travel to another world,but I found my own home there…Oh! She was actually directing!She attacked me with a knife andthat proved the existence of an armor around me…Oh! She was actually proving that I am resilient!She killed me, … Continue reading

Is there anything that is not yours? If you think so, that means you are escaping from it. Every problem has a solution. Commitment and perseverance can help you to hold on.If there is issue with someone, that could be rectified by improving understanding.example: A kid shouts on parents. If you search the meaning, you … Continue reading

There are phases through which a conflict evolves.Phase I:A person suffers without any strong reason and he/she fails in protecting himself/herself at that particular timeexample 1: Mr A lost his homework copy. So he got pushment in the class for not doing homework. He cannot fight against teacher.example 2: Ms. B is being treated in … Continue reading