I thought, there is no more air to breath in
the damp forest and a cool breeze has risen!
I thought, there is no more water left in the soil
and rain has fallen!
I thought, there is no more fuel to burn
and volcano has erupted!
I thought, there is no more life on earth
and a flower has bloomed!
I thought, there is no more place for stars
and The Universe has expanded!

She asked me questions
and they are answers to my questions…
Oh! She was actually answering!
She asked me to travel to another world,
but I found my own home there…
Oh! She was actually directing!
She attacked me with a knife and
that proved the existence of an armor around me…
Oh! She was actually proving that I am resilient!
She killed me, nothing happened
and I found that it was a dream…
Oh! She was actually waking me up!
She hated me because I love her
and I discarded love into me…
Oh! She was actually making me love myself!

Is there anything that is not yours? If you think so, that means you are escaping from it. Every problem has a solution. Commitment and perseverance can help you to hold on.
If there is issue with someone, that could be rectified by improving understanding.
example: A kid shouts on parents. If you search the meaning, you will understand that kid is seeking attention.
If there is any issue with philosophy, that means there is some personal hurt.

There are phases through which a conflict evolves.
Phase I:
A person suffers without any strong reason and he/she fails in protecting himself/herself at that particular time
example 1: Mr A lost his homework copy. So he got pushment in the class for not doing homework. He cannot fight against teacher.
example 2: Ms. B is being treated in a inhumane way after her husband’s death. No one is giving her value.
Phase II:
Person gains strength and starts fighting. But forgets the actual incident that is responsible for the suffering. So fight targets bigger body.
example 1: Mr. A grows up and starts hating educational system.
example 2: Ms. B gets a job and becomes independent. She starts hating culture.
Phase III:
Society cannot accept the persons hatred towards bigger body. So society targets person in more personal way.
example 1: People around Mr. A hates the fact that Mr. A is against educational system. He is considered as antisocial personality and tries to point out at personal failures of Mr. A. like for example, if he fails in an interview, people would attribute his failure to his nature
example 2: People around Ms. B hates the fact that Ms. B is against culture. So People target the personal life of Ms. B. like for example if she met with an accident, people would say that her disrespect towards culture punished her.
Now just look at all the things.
Mr. A, punishment in school – hatred towards educational system – being blamed for personal failure in interview
Ms. B, inhumane treatment for being a widow – hatred towards culture – being blamed after meeting accident.
So unrelated things are being linked with each other! Thats how struggle continues!
What could be the solution?
Fighting against any inhumane act even when there is no strength would fetch better results. Even if it is not dealth immediately, insight have to be developed later. Developing insight helps in resolving issues that were not dealt in the past. When there is a clarity and awareness of cause, fight becomes straight and strong!