I know how to bloom in the morning!
But darkness threatens me every night!
I know how to wear different colors!
But my colors fade again and again!
I know spreading fragrance in the air!
But I also stink and shrink badly!
I know adding beauty to the garden!
But I fall on ground in a ugly form!
I know how to bear the dew drops!
But I break and bleed every time!
I know how to care for pollen grains!
But I fail in turning into seed!
I am a flower with kind heart!
But I have only one broken thorn!
Everyone crushes me with nails!
But my thoughts crush my own heart!
Regrowth of thorn is my fantasy!
But it keeps me alive forever!


have fear of water. I have fear of blood. I have obsession for cleanliness.
My duckling got stuck! There was a big fish waiting to eat my duckling on one side. On the other side, there was a big rock. Water was impure and infectious. There was nothing for her to eat.
I jumped into the water and got hurt while pushing the stone away. I took the duckling into my hand and left it in a safe pond.
She looked at me with gratitude. I looked at her with something more than gratitude. I gave her life. She gave me life to live. Life is not life when it is filled with fears.
I had a life, but never lived before.
Credit goes to obstacles that threatened my loved one! Credit goes to the savior pond! Credit goes to my loved one – the ducking! Credit goes to the love that motivated me to win over my fear!