Sometimes, you might choose immature way of doing something!
Example: you cry, become vulnerable and show anger
Other times, you might choose mature way of doing something!
Example: you be emotionally stable, be rational and logical
Whatever is the way, outcome will be the same. Only difference is, when you do in immature way, you wont be very confident of what you are doing. So you will experience some negative emotions like guilt, shame etc….Immature acts help you in learning how to act maturely next time.
Psychology helps just in making you understand why you did it. That gives confidence to you. Your negative emotions vanish.
You may think, your journey towards insight building starts when you enter into counselling. But truth is, the circumstances that brought you to counselling are also created by you! That creation is the beginning of the journey.
Example: You might think, entrance exam made you doctor. But truth is, your journey started when you started liking biology in your school!
Yes! You yourself have started the journey long back!

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