Generally, when you dont like something is a person, you will move away. Avoid them and leave them. There are special instances where you move closer. Their are two aspects related to this.
1. You must be lacking confidence to listen to your own will. So you believe other person more than yourself. So you devaluate your own dislike. You ask him or her to assure you that your dislike is not valid. Sometimes you might also go to third person and ask them to authenticate your dislike to gain strength. You will make third person fight behalf of you with person whom you dislike. In this case, you might switch between two versions which appears like unstability.
2. On the other hand, it is also possible that the person whom you dont like is manipulating you. He/she establishes a set of rules in the relation which makes you sit in the inferior position. As you are in inferior role, whenever you dislike your boss, you tend to communicate that and then your boss decides that your dislike is not valid.

If you look at plants and colonies of microorganisms, you can clearly understand that they take bypass when there is obstacle in their way. They successfully grow from other side.
In the same way, human being also fights in some or the other way. Starting from childhood temper tantrum to adult drug abuse, all the actions are fights and conflicts present within himself. If he fails, he finds another way. In the process of searching for happyness, he transforms his fights. Immaturity turns into maturity. All the failures remain as experiments. No matter what, life never stops. Ultimately it succeeds! Life is such a force that cant be stopped by anything!

You tend to help others when you are inj pain. Reason is, “EMPATHY”… researches have proven that all human beings experience empathy. There are mirror neurons in brain which reflect other person’s feelings on self. So no one can see other person in pain. So your helping nature might have originated from your pain.
In the same way, when you are in pain, you will feel that other person is also in pain. If you are in danger, you will see world as a dangerous place.
The projection of pain brings bias and hides the reality. You can help other person only if you see reality, only if you see story intact, ie. objectively.
Best thing to do is, get over your pain first and then try to help other person.

Generally people struggle when there are changes. It hurts when you see changes in partner. It hurts when you see changes in kids. It hurts when you see changes in friend. Why?
Key point is, you dont know the difference between behaviours and charecters. Behaviours are the visible actions. They depend on the circumstances. Example: you wear saree if you are staying in India. You wear suit if you are staying in London. Behaviour is influenced by culture, society, people and knowledge. On the other hand, charecter is set of morals and belief systems which never changes. Example: helping nature, courage and frankness.
When you see changes in partner, first you have to observe whether they are behavioural changes or not. If they are behavioural changes, they can be accepted. They are temporary and they depend on environment. If you see changes in charecter, that means you are understanding/ knowing your partner’s old charecters now. You never understood or found them before. If you cant accept the charecters, then there is no point in holding relation. No charecter can be changed. But many people, especially women live in a notion that they can change their partner.
Similarly, if you see changes in kids, verify if they are behavioural changes. Your kid belongs to another generation and another time zone. So their behaviour will change over time obviously. But if you think that there are changes in charecters, that means you have never understood your kid before. Try to understand them and accept the way they are.