Generally, when you dont like something is a person, you will move away. Avoid them and leave them. There are special instances where you move closer. Their are two aspects related to this.1. You must be lacking confidence to listen to your own will. So you believe other person more than yourself. So you devaluate … Continue reading

If you look at plants and colonies of microorganisms, you can clearly understand that they take bypass when there is obstacle in their way. They successfully grow from other side.In the same way, human being also fights in some or the other way. Starting from childhood temper tantrum to adult drug abuse, all the actions … Continue reading

You tend to help others when you are inj pain. Reason is, “EMPATHY”… researches have proven that all human beings experience empathy. There are mirror neurons in brain which reflect other person’s feelings on self. So no one can see other person in pain. So your helping nature might have originated from your pain.In the … Continue reading

Generally people struggle when there are changes. It hurts when you see changes in partner. It hurts when you see changes in kids. It hurts when you see changes in friend. Why?Key point is, you dont know the difference between behaviours and charecters. Behaviours are the visible actions. They depend on the circumstances. Example: you … Continue reading