There is stigma about psychological therapy. Some people get scared to take therapy. Therapy might bring out all the emotions. It might make you cry. It might remind you few things which you want to forget. But…. why do you call it therapy when it is making you cry?
When arrow is being removed from your body, it makes you feel pain. Normal pain brings many burdens like guilt, anger and disappointment. They are like arrows in your body. You might feel scared to remove arrows from body, but it is impossible to live with them. Even if you are not aware, you are bleeding. But after that you become 100% healthy. The pain that comes out during therapy is because of self pity after freeing yourself from burden.
Therapy makes you hug yourself! Parent yourself! Love yourself! That obviously makes you cry!

Whenever we dont follow rules, we will find so many options in front of us. It becomes difficult to choose one. Following rule is simpler. Cognitive science says that mind chooses option which involves spending of less energy. Therefore it is clear that we choose rule over choice!

Its not only about trust and genuineness!
Not only about freedom to share anything and everything!
Not only about comfort!
It is all about a feeling, that someone is there to correct!
It is all about freedom of making mistakes!
Its all about learning how to live!
Its all about confidence that helps child to walk!
Its all about the safety that could be obtained through authority figure!

Some people believe that fasting is good to health scientifically.
Truth is, fasting is harmful. Not eating makes you gain weight.
When we dont eat for a long period of time, metabolism rate falls down. As there is no demand, factory runs slow. As simple as that. This is the reason why early breakfast is very important. More you delay breakfast, more is the gap. So after you end fasting, body cannot digest food with old eficiency. This leads to increase in accumulation which can make you obese and weak.