There is misunderstanding in people that psychology can make people emotionless. Psychology can free everyone from negative emotions like sadness, anger, etc. Reality is, psychology makes you feel emotions more effectively. If you understand and feel your emotions properly, you will return back to normal stage naturally. That is the key principle behind psychological treatment.
No person can stop experiencing emotions. If you repress your emotions, they will come out in another ugly form.

Success of therapy depends both on therapist and client.
Therapist remains neutral and tries to show reality to client. Therapy fails if therapist imposes his own opinions.
Patient plays a very important role. Success of therapy depends on willingness of client to see the reality. Following qualities of client helps him/her in extracting maximum benefits from therapy.
Client should be open minded to ideas given by therapist. Being open doesnt mean that he has to accept solutions. No therapist gives solutions. Being open is, thinking in new ways.
Client should not hide anything from therapist. All the thoughts of client has meaning and only therapist can make sense out of it.
1 percent of therapy happens in room in front of therapist and remaining happens in clients mind. His commitment, dedication and hardwork helps him
Seriousness towards therapy is very important not only to maintain descipline but also to gain control. If a client cannot carry herself/himself to meet therapist, therapy becomes very irregular.
Therapy is very similar to penance. Both are carried out to gain knowledge about self.

According to Psychodynamic theories, altruism is mature defense mechanism. Defence mechanisms protects individual from circumstances. A person who has altruistic nature, gets satisfaction out of it. Counselor remains neutral. He doesnt extract anything out of therapy. Not even satisfaction. That is the reason why he never imposes anything on to the client. That is the beauty of psychological counselling.

Lessons from nature
1. Adapt to any situation to live a long and strong life
Micro organisms are vastly spread all over the universe. Their success secret is adaptability. They can live in very cold and very hot conditions.
2. Contribute to world in order to earn respect and beauty
Plants and algae take the corbondioxide and give oxygen. They are the most beautiful creatures on earth.
3. Even though you have everything, keep moving to maintain the status
Oceans and all water bodies keep moving even though they own 75% of earth
4. You can become powerful even if your life is short
The sun is the most powerful body in the universe and his fate is to become a black hole in future.
5. Resilience is most important need and learn to rebuild everything
Earth never ends after natural calamities.
6. Wait for a chance and nothing is abnormal
Mutated organisms are generally abnormal. They grow in number and become normal whe
n there is a requirement of that trait in nature.
7. You have everything in you. You just need a platform
DNA and all genes are present in all organisms. They replicate only when there is need.
8. Each one of you is unique
Finger prints of individuals are unique.