There is a phenomenon called parentification. When parents are dysfunctional due to their own issues, they train children in such a way that child substitutes parents functionality. Parents either reinforces or punishes child to promote behaviours which they want. Parents cannot be blamed for this, as they themselves have issues which caused their dysfunctionality.
Parentified child carries some baggage with her even after becoming an adult.
Takes more responsibility in a relation and thinks that she/he has more control over relation
Has trust issues and keeps worrying about rejection
Thinks that other people who hold normal responsibility are dumb
Keeps falling in trap created by family and contributes to family at the cost of self
Thinks that doing anything for self is wrong
If you are a parentified child, you can come out of the negative impacts that your childhood left on you…
Start experimenting to understand reality…
You think that you have more control over your relation. So try to do something that would give you happyness without fearing about people. People might reject you. That helps you in understanding the fact that you dont hold any control
You stop taking responsibilities for a while and then start learning how to take responsibility and to what extent, purely based on need. When there is need, you start doing things…

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