According to a research conducted by Prof.Seligman, three important things that are important for welbeing are meaning, engagement and relations.
Relations play a very important role in life. Friendship helps in aquiring so many relations into life and also gives a choice for us to choose….
Sometimes it can also become toxic when two friends start influencing and controling each other. Its our responsibility to be aware. Healthy friendship comprises true boundaries, transparence and empathy.  Having clear idea of what friendship helps in enriching the life.
Happy Friendship Day

Job title and nature of job are two different things. Many students are just getting attracted to title of the job and selecting a course which is not suitable. That is the main reason behind imperfection, dissatisfaction and distress that are present in the society. Profession should be like a hobby. The nature of job should match with favorite work. A person who likes to grow plants should study agriculture, but not engineering.
Eg1: Doctor is a job title and everyone respects doctor. Generally we assume that doctor is GOD. We see doctor as a sensitive friendly life saver.
Nature of job is different. Doctor job is most difficult job. A student has to study for almost 8 – 10 years to become doctor. Then he has to work under supervision. Generally doctors have to control their emotions and treat patient as a body. They are stable, controlled and rigid personalities. Generally, most of the doctors can cure half of the diseases and they cannot cure remaining half. Even among curable cases, success rate varies.
Eg2: Scientist is innovative genius. He is a inventor. He always works in his laboratory and discovers new things
Nature of scientist job is entirely different. Many students perform research by enrolling into doctorate degree. They work for long time. They read various research papers and update themselves. They struggle to publish papers. They are supervised in initial stages. They continue supervisors research and carry it forward. Many students obtain ideas from already published work.

Many people prefer taking help from wise people. They consult elders, friends and colleagues for advice.
What is psychology? How is it different from wise advice? What is the necessity to go to a psychologist to solve problems? Why cant we seek help from any wise people? Why psychologists are working so hard? What makes them unique?
There is a key feature which differentiates advice and therapy.
Advice comes from adviser’s mind.
Psychology churns and brings out solution from client’s mind!
Psychologist acts as a mirror and reflects patient’s thoughts and feelings. He will neither influence nor manipulate client.

Therapist cannot treat his own family members, friends and relatives because,
Psychodynamic predictions tries to explain the unconscious.
If therapist already knows patient,
Psychodynamic predictions made by therapist might get influenced by his own perception of patient.
Narration of patient might get influenced by his perception of therapist.
Ill give an example. If we buy gift to friend, we will buy according to her taste. If we buy gift to stranger, we will buy according to our own taste. So our taste will be reflected only if we are unaware of others taste.
If therapist thinks that he is efficient enough to handle influence, he is actually inefficient.
Belief that a therapist can control influence is false because only conscious is in our hand and not the unconscious.
Belief that unconscious has no effect is false because all psychodynamic predictions are based mainly on unconscious.