According to a research conducted by Prof.Seligman, three important things that are important for welbeing are meaning, engagement and relations.Relations play a very important role in life. Friendship helps in aquiring so many relations into life and also gives a choice for us to choose….Sometimes it can also become toxic when two friends start influencing … Continue reading

Job title and nature of job are two different things. Many students are just getting attracted to title of the job and selecting a course which is not suitable. That is the main reason behind imperfection, dissatisfaction and distress that are present in the society. Profession should be like a hobby. The nature of job … Continue reading

Many people prefer taking help from wise people. They consult elders, friends and colleagues for advice.What is psychology? How is it different from wise advice? What is the necessity to go to a psychologist to solve problems? Why cant we seek help from any wise people? Why psychologists are working so hard? What makes them … Continue reading

Therapist cannot treat his own family members, friends and relatives because,Psychodynamic predictions tries to explain the unconscious.If therapist already knows patient,Psychodynamic predictions made by therapist might get influenced by his own perception of patient.Narration of patient might get influenced by his perception of therapist.Ill give an example. If we buy gift to friend, we will … Continue reading