During evolution, there is continuous change. Organisms got mutated… the species which could adapt only survived. They are the fittest ones. Why are they successful?
They are successful because they tried to adapt to the new environment…. they are the ones which accepted change!!!
In the same way, when there is change, if you adapt, you will succeed in life. You cant mutate, but you can change your mind! Changing mind and positive perception are the things which can help in success…
No matter where you go… what you do… be the best by being positive and receive the best out of it. If you are positive, you can find opportunity even in vacuum…
Optimistic searching eyes will find food even in desert. Closed eyes cant find food even in farm…

Sentement and entertainment can help a movie in becoming successful at box office.
But what is the impact on people?
Even normal movies are becoming like fantacies. No movie is showing what happens in real life.
People are accepting irrationality and believing in unreal movies with out even knowing that it is not real. No one is really bothering about quality.
Hero is perfect and villian is very imperfect in movies. In reality, people fall in between.
Ethics are being ignored and charecters are so imperfect.
Smuggler can be picturized as hero in movies but it doesnt happen in reality
Movies presenting two contradictory concepts can attract people.
In one movie, small kid would be forced by parent to do something and parent is the hero. In other movie, a kid who is being forced by parent would be rescued and rescuer is the hero.