We all are in race. To get name, fame, money, success, etc…
But just stop for a second and think about it! Why are we in race? All the paths which leads to success are dumb to some extent. Self sufficiency and satisfaction can never be acheived through race.
There is a false or irrational belief system behind helping nature. We help others because we want help from others. “God takes care of people those who help others”. This is the core belief that is there behind helping nature. I am not a atheist. I am not arguing that this belief is wrong. I am just reminding you that this is a BELIEF!!!
In the same way, there is a reason behind why we set life purpose. If we lack something, we project it on society. We perceive it as a external problem and select a purpose that solves the problem. Here, we have to recognise that problem is not there in society, but its there in ourselves. When we understand the fact, we will try to fix ourselves and then purpose will loose is strength. Ignorance is bliss. Thats why people are setting good purposes and they are contributing to the society.
Thirdly, we compete with friends, classmates and relatives. Neither we understand our rights when we sacrifice nor we understand that there are limited number of resources when we envy.
We try to take revenges. We remember unlimited amount of crap. This happens when we live in past.
Therefore there is no valid reason to be in race!!!!

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