I am writing this post based on one of my personal experience. There is no logic and this post is not SCIENTIFIC. Its just a belief!
      As I mentioned in my introduction, I was a researcher previously. When I was studying biology, I searched for biological anthropology courses and found Cambridge course. It impressed me very much. Though I never thought of going and studying there, I noted down the details of the course.
      Later I joined in psychology. I enrolled for study abroad program and accidentally visited cambridge museum like a tourist. Surprizingly, my journey took me to biological anthropology department. I remembered the searches that i have made almost 4 years ago.
     Same pattern occurs many times. We think of something and we forget. We accidentally meet the same thing about which we thought.
       How can we explain?
May be our mind has a capacity to link up with physical objects through thoughts… this must be the logic behind penance!!!
      You think deeply about something. You might forget it, but you are somehow connected to it. That connection manifests itself as coincidence.
ISN’T IT????????????

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